black and gray mining rig

Reminisce Preservation offers several unique digital collections in ways no textbook or other resource can match.

The Black Male Archives

The Black Male Archives is a database that collects, displays, and promotes a number of resources about and for Black males. The database comprises article citations, photos, videos, and directories that show a holistic narrative about Black males.

Powerful Women of Color (Coming Soon)

Powerful Women of Color curates the many contributions to our society by women of various races. In addition, one can find resources for women of color across the globe through article citations, photos, videos, and directories.

Reminisce Historian (Coming Soon)

Reminisce Historian is a vintage database that has captured photos and documents from various individuals and organizations’ basements, attics, and shoeboxes to be uncovered for research and shared for historical preservation.

“Intelligence is not the ability to store information, but to know where to find it.

Albert Einstein

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